Mar 16, 2014

" Merry Go Round "

Merry Go Round

Here you go...  do you have any clue what our fathers are going through in this country re: the relationship of their own children.

Everything said in this video is * right on *; and if you sit back and watch the devastation to the families across our nation you must * be out of touch *.

Father's are an instrumental piece in the lives of their own children.

I am not speaking about the dads that walk away.  Heck No I am talking about the dozens of millions whom are mistreated in family law courtrooms across this nation.  “tell me who is the center of every child from the day of conception, to nurturing, to comforting, to supporting, to a joyous experience when named a mother and father?

“If one person perpetuates any use or any leverage in any way to obstruct the natural, instinctual, biological human relationship "that every child has - Shame on You."

The unnatural stripping away of parent - “cause you think it is right; is Dead Wrong.”

What kind of rampage in the heart, mind and soul of any human being to violate someone else's rights in co-parenting could ever make sense?

This barbaric behavior of injustice is happening today - hike over to your local courthouse, visit another courtroom in 2 wks, follow people's lives unravel at an alarming deficit.

What would you do if that were you?

Yes, it is very insane - hold your opinions, shut off those random comments you make toward another person (whom you know nothing about).

Families all around you rely on the institute of law.  Go ahead ... buy your rights!  Not cheap , likely not in your savings , as well who you may borrow cash from - tell them personally " You plan to rip , shred , violate , manipulate , slam - dunk , discriminate , falsely accuse , falsely charge your child's other parent SO YOU CAN WIN"

No fairy tales here ; just criminal activity done by 1 parent , councils , judges , gal's , police (puppeteers ) enforcement raising an untold ,biased , slaughter at One Parent of a Child they do not know and are lured into the viscous cycle of someone else's divorce .

Look and Observe and know firsthand what is truly going on.

War on fathers for nearly 4 decades - turn-style table and chairs is pointing at mothers!

“Where do you now think is the safest place for your family as you know it?”  Be civil and reasonable to each other - “your children's lives, happiness, stability depend on IT."

No crooked system has helped anyone but itself.

" Life is about children , extended family members , cousins , parties , celebrations , new births , grandparents doting love ... if you begin your family * KEEP ALL THESE EXPERIENCES RICH ,CLOSE & VALUED."

* By: Carrie Adams
 a Mother who understands this plight like all the other fathers across this nation and elsewhere.

I fought for the same - and all I got was misery, bullshit, discrimination, accusations etc....

My kids are my world; WHO ELSE IS THEIR MOTHER??????????